Finding Your First Office Space in Crawley

Is your business ready to fly the nest? If you’re ready to take the leap and get your business settled in an office of its own, it goes without saying that you’ll have a few questions. Finding office space that fits your business’s needs can be a bit of a dilemma, but you may find office space in Crawley is the right place to start growing your company… 

Crawley is a perfect location for growing businesses, primarily because of the strong entrepreneurial spirit of the Gatwick Diamond area, into which Crawley falls. The town ranks 6th in the south east for businesses reporting growth, and number one in West Sussex.

Outstanding transport links put Crawley in the top 20% of districts nationally for transport connectivity. Three Bridges station, a five minute walk from Crawley Business Centre, is one of the main rail interchanges of the south east, with very regular, fast links to Gatwick, London, Brighton and beyond. 

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Do I Need My Own Office?

If you are at a point in your company’s growth where you are employing staff, you may find that your current office (your spare room?) is a bit cramped. It may be that you need to separate your work life from your personal life for a more reasonable balance, or that you need somewhere presentable to take clients for meetings.

These are just a few reasons why finding an office space should be a priority for you. The chances are that if you’re asking about how to find office space in the first place, it’s because it’s time to move on to the next phase.

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Choosing Crawley For Your Next Office

If you are serious about growing your business, it’s all about location, location, location! Whilst big cities are certainly attractive places to base a company, they are also extremely expensive, so save your ambitions of having your headquarters in The Shard for a little further down the line.

You should seek out an office situated in a town with a thriving business community and good transport links. Crawley is absolutely ideal for this, being situated within the famous ‘Gatwick Diamond’, a well-known entrepreneurial hub for multinational businesses and all the transport links and other resources your business needs.

Finding office space in Crawley isn’t hard – the town boasts the highest volume of commercial floorspace in the county. The tough part is narrowing down your choice to the Crawley office space that ticks the rest of your boxes…

First Impressions Count

A clean, well-appointed office building with on-site amenities, such as a meeting room, kitchen facilities and a manned reception desk can all be had without having to fork out huge sums. An office environment where your clients and colleagues can feel at ease, and – crucially – somewhere they can reach easily via roads or public transport, should be your priority.

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Why Coworking Space in Crawley is in Demand

Everybody seems to be talking about coworking these days. A coworking space generally refers to a fully shared office space. Rather than having your own unit for your business, at a coworking location, you will find yourself in a large room working alongside many other companies.

Whilst there is, undeniably, a plus side to sharing space, resources and minds, coworking is not necessarily a suitable solution for most people. In fact, it can be chaotic and distracting when you’re trying to solidify your business and take it to the next level.

There is, however, a happy medium. Needspace? offers managed office space in Crawley where you share kitchen facilities, book the meeting room, and enjoy the benefits of daily cleaning of communal areas and a manned reception desk. However, you still rent your own individual office space which you can access 24 hours a day. No ‘hotdesking’, no strangers talking loudly over your head while you’re working, no need to move all your stuff away at the end of the day.

Size Matters

It’s sensible to only rent office space of the size you need. Go too big and you’ll be paying more unnecessarily, and go too small and you may as well be back in your cramped spare room again! Remember that, as your business grows, you can always scale up over time. In a managed office building, there are often larger units available for when you need them, but in the meantime, don’t try to run before you can walk.


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It is essential that the office space you rent has adequate security. CCTV and alarm systems are important to protect your computer systems and any other valuable items, such as products, in your office. Your individual office should come with a lock and key, and only be accessible by you, your staff, and members of the managed office space team.



If you’re looking for managed offices, then our Crawley Business Centre Needspace? offices are the perfect choice.

With a minimum 3-month term, and only a month’s notice required thereafter, you won’t be bound in for the long haul. Your business rates, communal area cleaning, and all your utilities are included, meaning that you don’t need to worry about covering multiple bills – it’s all in one easy, monthly fee. 

We keep things simple, so you can get on with building your business in one of the best locations in the South East in which to do so.

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