Dignity Direct Homecare and Needspace: a synergy of care and convenience

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Crafting a hub for compassionate care with Needspace

At the core of London’s community-focused spirit lies Dignity Direct Homecare, a bastion of support dedicated to maintaining the dignity and independence of individuals across London boroughs and further afield. With a wide range of services – from domiciliary care to specialised care programmes – Dignity Direct Homecare has anchored its operations in the heart of Islington, with an affordable and flexible office at St Mark’s Studio.

Shukri Yatin, the branch manager for Dignity Direct Homecare in Islington, reflects on their journey, “We’re called Dignity Direct Homecare, and we’ve been in this borough, Islington, for the past two years. We recruit carers who go out into the community and look after our clients, working closely with local boroughs and supporting people to maintain their independence in their own homes”.

A prime location for a prime service

The strategic placement of their office at Needspace reflects not only their commitment to service but also their wisdom in choosing an office provider who can offer more than simple office space. “Location is very important,” Shukri emphasises. “Our carers are in and out of the office all the time, often multiple times a day. So it’s crucial that our office is local and easily accessible, and Needspace’s location in the heart of Islington is hugely beneficial for us. We’ve got two train stations and lots of buses as well, so it’s really convenient for our carers.”

A day in the life at Dignity Direct Homecare

With a daily influx of carers coming to collect gloves and PPE, and gather for briefings on their tasks, the office at Needspace has become a lifeline. It serves not just as a base for logistical operations but as a warm and welcoming checkpoint for the carers who form the backbone of their noble service.

From the first interaction with the friendly centre manager, Tracey, to the clean and well-maintained premises, Needspace is not just an office provider: it’s a part of the extended team. “Tracey is fantastic… it’s good that we have someone friendly sitting at the front to greet our staff,” Shukri notes, attesting to the personalised touch Needspace brings to the table.

“We have an office team of five, but our Islington carer network is vast,” Shukri continues. “It’s vital for us that we can have an open door to allow our carers to come in daily and Needspace couldn’t be more helpful, making the office accessible and welcoming them with a warm smile. This level of flexibility is vital for us, but we’re firmly of the view that we’d struggle to get a similar level of service elsewhere in the local area.”

Islington office aerial view

Shukri’s experience is not unique within the walls of St Mark’s Studio. It resonates with the ethos of Needspace, where every office, every suite, is a cog in the vibrant community of businesses and services, all working in tandem for the greater good of London’s heart and soul.

With a keen focus on their mission, Dignity Direct Homecare have found in Needspace not just an office, but a partner in their quest to deliver exemplary care. “It’s true,” Shukri smiles, “Needspace is the perfect home for our business, allowing our care team to function effectively, feel appreciated, and be part of a greater community.”

Dignity Direct Homecare’s story is one of many successes at Needspace. If you yearn for an office space that can accommodate the dynamic and compassionate operations of your business, reach out to Needspace. Witness how our flexible office solutions and community-centric approach can elevate your service to new heights.

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