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We are delighted to welcome Structures Lab, our newest office client to the Structures Lab is a new structural consultancy that joined Needspace? in April this year.  We are pleased that Karsten Weise has found the right space for his needs and has chosen for his his new business premises.  Karsten started working as a structural engineer in the UK 12 years ago and has now decided to branch out and start his own business.

Here’s what Karsten has to say about his journey, business and the facilities at the Earlsfield Business Centre.

After working in the industry for many years, I decided to take the step and start my own business.  At first I was working at my kitchen table and this quickly became unproductive and at times was solitary.  After a while I started looking for a friendly, shared office space that would provide me with very flexible terms to enable me to grow without being tied to a long term contract.

Of all the offices I visited in the area, the Earlsfield Business Centre facilities impressed me with their modern and clean design as well as well maintained amenities. The rent and terms are very competitive and the building is so close to Earlsfield Station, so it‘s very convenient for getting into and out of central London.

Needspace? Earlsfield office space offer great meeting facilities and they are perfect for holding important meetings with my  clients as the meeting rooms are very professional.  It’s also great for my clients to be met by the friendly Needspace? team at the front desk, all of which helps me to create the right impression for my business.

Since I moved into the building, I have been more than impressed by the level of service provided by Needspace? and I can say that I feel very much at home.

Setting up my own business was always a dream of mine and I finally made the move at the beginning of this year.  I have a very clear vision of what my company will represent so having an office space that matches this ethos was very important to me.

Structures Lab follows a design lead philosophy, working closely with architects and clients following a collaborative approach to create sustainable, interesting and enjoyable structures.

We focus our efforts in three main areas of expertise – sustainable new build solutions, refurbishment and heritage and special structures.

If you would like to know how we can provide you with the perfect professional office environment for your business, just contact the Needspace? team and we would be delighted to help.

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