A Look into 77 Bastwick Street

Essentially, this is a view into the working dynamics of what is, 77 Bastwick Street – EC1V. The companies leasing the space of the property, primarily are Architectural in nature, though there is also an International Market Research firm and prestigious Office Furniture Co. in the mix too … adding to the vitality of the building.

Sagal have resided in the building since 2010, making it currently, the oldest tenant here. It specialises in the field of Professionally crafted Office furniture, with manufacturing and production taking place as far afield as Switzerland and Italy. The family-run business is now a leading player in the local scene.

CINT UK have an International pedigree in Market Research Solutions within the technological field. Their truly dedicated staff enjoy the calm atmosphere of the area and feed off the local vibe, thus creating a strong base from which they tap into the global market, helping inquisitive clients with an all manner of tech solutions and alternatives.

Both Harper Downie & Maccreanor Lavington Architects, employ their talents in the vast environment of Modern contemporary architecture, working on such projects as, House-building programs, Schools, Hotels and local Estate regeneration, both locally, as well as nationally and beyond.

IA-Interior Architects are an American firm specialising in the area of creative design solutions. Their clients differ from House owners to commercial, national and International and their designers have no limitations when offering dynamic contemporary concepts to their long list of clientele.

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