What Is A Serviced Office?

When deciding on the next step for locating your business, the idea of serviced office space comes up time and again. It is, after all, one of the most popular types of office space to rent.

A 2018 report by Savills, for example, showed that serviced office take-up in the UK has shot up considerably in recent years – increasing by 157% in 2017 alone. Demand in regional markets, such as office space in Crawley and other key business hotspots outside London, rose by 406%. Clearly, serviced office space is the choice of many small business owners and, indeed, there are a number of benefits.

What’s included in a serviced office?

Among the benefits of serviced offices is that they tend to come with facilities such as meeting rooms, manned reception desks, and regular cleaning. These are very appealing features to have, helping you to build a professional front for your business as it grows. That said, it’s important to be clear on whether these facilities add extra cost to your serviced office fee, and to examine whether or not you need what is offered.

For example, those meeting rooms that are touted as a special feature of a serviced office often come with an additional charge. Many charge on the basis of per person per hour, meaning that a simple one-hour meeting can cost a significant amount when you have several client representatives in the room. Find an office provider that charges a flat fee per hour.

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The offer of tea and coffee included in the cost of a serviced office may also seem appealing on first impression. Though it’s a little thing, it feels like a nice touch, right? But more often than not, you’ll hardly be looking at a decent barista coffee or exotic tea selection, and – moreover – paying over the odds for the quality you get. An office building with an equipped communal kitchen is a more practical and useful choice, as this comes as part of your licence fee and you are not charged for any consumables you may not use.

One of the things that business owners like about serviced offices is that they are regularly cleaned. However, many serviced office contracts don’t stipulate quite how deeply your office space will be cleaned. While the communal areas are vacuumed, dusted and disinfected regularly, you may find that, when it comes to cleaning your office, it’s no more than running a vacuum cleaner over the floor. It’s often better, therefore, to find a managed office space where you are only charged for cleaning of communal areas, and this included as part of your licence fee.

When a serviced office space comes fully-furnished, it tends to come with the proviso that you don’t decorate it yourself. Whilst this may be fine for some companies, others much prefer to personalise their office, making their space unique to their individual brand. Having your own furniture in your office, on the other hand, means it’s your responsibility and you don’t need to handle it with kid gloves; you also get to choose the type of chair you get to sit in to work, the shape and size of your desk, and so on.

The point is that, though the idea of having special services at your company HQ may sound appealing, it is often better to find a serviced office space that strikes a happy medium between features and facilities, and allowing you the independence to manage your company on your own terms.

At Needspace?, we try to do just this. We are pleased to offer many of the features you’d find in a serviced office space, such as a manned reception desk, meeting room and a well-equipped communal kitchen, but without the unnecessary extras that add cost to your bill. You are free to make your office your own, just so long as it’s returned to neutral when you eventually move on.

One of the things business owners like about serviced office space is that the contract is usually short-term and flexible. At Needspace?, we offer the same low-commitment service. With just a three-month minimum term and a one month notice period thereafter, we keep you firmly in the driving seat.

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