Short Term Office Rental: Flexibility and Agility for the Future

Short Term Office Rental: Flexibility and Agility for the Future

Corporates and SMEs are seeing the benefits of renting flexible offices:

Startups and entrepreneurs who aim to grow fast or fail fast need flexibility too. For these businesses, short term office rentals are infinitely preferable to being locked into a traditional long term lease. It’s time for landlords to offer what the changing world of business wants.

Agile businesses want an agile office environment

One of the key concepts for modern ways of working, is that of an agile business. The term refers to an organisation’s ability to evolve and adapt rapidly to changes in markets and environments. Increasingly, that’s the way the world’s most successful companies operate, whether they’re SMEs or larger corporates.

Technology enables agile working, but so do working environments. Flexible offices work very well for agile working, because they can be adapted quickly to changing needs.

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For example, if space is needed for a team of developers for a specific software project, adding a temporary office solves the problem of where they work. Teams charged with coming up with innovative or disruptive ideas often produce better results when they work away from the main business. And businesses can scale up or down as the need arises. The key to making financial sense of flexible offices is a short term office lease.

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What short term office leases are available?

Average commercial property leases have been getting shorter for some time, but uncertainties around the Covid-19 crisis have accelerated the fall. Figures quoted by property specialists Commercial News Media show that in January 2020, the average lease was 39 months. Six months later it had fallen to just 27 months.

At the shorter end of lease terms are rolling contracts for as little as one month. However, the shorter the lease the higher the risk of non-occupancy for the landlord, so prices tend to be higher. Needspace? offers leases from as little as three months, with just a month’s notice period thereafter. It’s a rental period which allows for competitive pricing yet gives businesses enough time to plan for a period of meaningful work. Chopping and changing temporary offices more frequently is unlikely to be in anyone’s interests.

What other benefits go with short term leases?

Quite apart from the financial advantages of leasing office space for a short time, tenants also gain from the other benefits of flexible offices, or co-working space as they are also known.

Sharing a managed office environment brings staff into contact with businesses who may well be operating in a similar way to your own. If nothing else, they will share a flexible approach to office environments.

On the practical side, even a short-term lease gives you access to office management, fittings and services provided by the landlord. That leaves tenants free to concentrate on their core work rather than worrying about keeping the place running.

Sharing co-working space also results in sharing ideas, from casual chats around the coffee machine to full-on discussions about shared business interests, co-working fits in perfectly with a modern, open approach to the working world. For an environment that encourages creative thinking, look no further.

What’s more, shared offices can make employees happier about their working lives, especially if their journey to work is easier. A trend is emerging for staff to combine home working with time in a nearby office, and short term leases make such arrangements significantly more feasible than running a full-time office.

We offer flexible, affordable workspaces in great locations across London and the South East.

Rent workspaces in Islington


14 Chillingworth Road, Islington, London N7 8QJ

St Mark’s Studios is a restored listed building in a highly desirable part of London that has become a hub for tech businesses and start-ups.

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City Business Centre, Brighton Road, RH13 5BB

Great value, flexible workspaces in a stunning former Victorian warehouse 5 mins’ walk from the heart of this West Sussex market town.

Offices to let in Clerkenwell with affordable prices


77 Bastwick Street, Clerkenwell, EC1V 3PS

Situated in the vibrant community of Clerkenwell, our 77 Bastwick Street office space is ideally located for access to the City and to trendy Shoreditch.

Flexible office spaces to rent in Hammersmith


227 Shepherd's Bush Road, W6 7AS

Our Hammersmith offices are an attractive and impressive place to work, right in the heart of a buzzing business district.

Flexible and affordable office space to rent in Crawley


Crawley Business Centre, Stephenson Way, RH10 1TN

Our offices in Crawley are seven minutes from Three Bridges station offering easy access to both Gatwick and London.

Flexible offices to rent in Clapham


Clapham North Arts Centre, 26-32 Voltaire Rd, London SW4 6DH

Flexible and affordable studios and offices for rent in vibrant Clapham. 

Rent office space in Earlsfield


Earlsfield Business Centre, 9 Lydden Rd, London, SW18 4LT

Earlsfield Business Centre is a light, airy and lively building offering a mix of office, workshop and studio spaces.

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