Three Grey Monkeys swing into Earlsfield!

Software and web development specialists Three Grey Monkeys made a decisive move into Needspace’s Earlsfield business centre in October, following viewings of just two properties in their search for new office space.

Founded in 2013 to provide IT services with a difference, the company had been located at the Bank of England Sports Ground near Richmond Park since 2014, but when their landlord decided to change the usage of their building, they found themselves in the market for a new base for the business.

“Our UK team members are predominantly based within ten miles of Earlsfield Business Centre, which is also really handy for the train station,” says one of the founding directors of Three Grey Monkeys, Andrew Gibson. “The space immediately stood out as good value, and we particularly wanted something straightforward and functional without any unnecessary embellishments. We’ve all come from corporate IT backgrounds in our pasts and now we like to create a fun working environment, so we were looking for a blank canvas where we could inject our own personality – starting with getting our dartboard up quickly!”

Their new office in Earlsfield accommodates four people, but a team of eight work flexibly from the location, rotating who’s in. The UK team works in conjunction with an extended team in India to deliver its services – consulting, training, developing and building, often on top of Microsoft 365 products and related integrations, to help clients eliminate manual processes, achieve better sales and run more smoothly and efficiently.

“The misperception can be that work is outsourced overseas because it’s cheap,” Andrew explains, “but our highly skilled resources in India are actually not always readily available in the UK. We’re able to work far more flexibly and be extremely responsive to our customers’ needs, meaning we can offer a great balance of professionalism and the standards of work we can deliver for a company of our apparent size. At the moment, we’re working more and more in the United States, with major projects underway for ticketing company for leading US attractions. Whilst location is important to us personally, in our business it’s truly the quality and delivery of our service that counts to our clients.”

To find out more about how Three Grey Monkeys could help to transform your business, visit www.threegreymonkeys.com or call 020 3637 7260.

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