Lyric Square Street Food Market is a popular hang out spot

Lyric Square Street Food and Produce Market proves popular with clients at our Hammersmith offices.

Lyric Square Street Food Market & Fresh Produce Market , Hammersmith, London, W6 OQL is a popular spot for our Hammersmith clients 

There are many reasons why our clients at Needspace? Hammersmith have chosen this location to base their businesses.   The offices available to rent on flexible terms have recently been renovated to a high standard with LED lighting, air conditioning and “ninja fast” fibre internet connections.

Hammersmith boasts a variety of things to do, see and eat and the Street Food Market in Lyric Square is more popular than ever with our clients.

One of London’s first organised fresh farm produce and “street food” markets reached its 10th year anniversary in March, at a time when food markets still lead the way in setting gourmet trends around the capital.

City and Country Farmers’ Markets (CCFM) was the first organisation in Britain to really push the agenda for locally sourced farm produce and street food when it opened a market in Lyric Square in Hammersmith in 2005.

Every Thursday and Friday for the past ten years, thousands of workers and commuters passing through Hammersmith have a wide range of fresh, affordable, ethically-sourced food to choose from, as well as delicacies from Thai, Filipino and Caribbean cuisines.

Although London rightly has a reputation as one of the leading foodie cities in the world today, this has not always been the case.

This food market has helped popularise the trend of providing easy access to both organic farm produce and tasty cooked food at its market at Lyric Square, located 2 minutes walk from our Hammersmith office and has been one of the longest-running food markets in the capital.

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