Innovative ‘Tools For The Trades’: Barry Townsend Systems at Earlsfield Business Centre

Barry Townsend Systems has been resident at Earlsfield Business Centre since 2010, and is still going strong!

Updated: 4th March 2020

As well as a wide range of specialist tools and materials for professional upholsters, Earlsfield Business Centre-based Barry Townsend Systems also retails a height-adjustable workbench. This workbench is proving popular across many workshop-based industries, including prop-making for the film industry, engineering, architectural model-making and artistic applications, as well as for packaging and loading for one or two person outfits.

‘Working in a community of businesses, as we do in Earlsfield Business Centre, you become more aware of opportunities beyond your core customer base,” said Barry Townsend.  “We have developed our benches over the last 15 years, initially for upholsters, but there’s actually a wide range of professions where working at a comfortable height is really important for keeping your workforce fit and healthy. Our benches are available in small and large sizes, and can be powered by mains electricity or a battery pack – which even means they can be used for loading and unloading too.  This can make a world of difference in small companies that just don’t have the manpower to move heavy or awkward things around without putting a strain on staff.”

Established in 2003, Barry moved his company to Earlsfield Business Centre in 2010, when his previous high street offices were redeveloped, and has not looked back. Still going strong a decade later!

“The centre is a really nice, clean and well looked-after environment, with lovely people. We’ve adjusted the size of our offices to suit the needs of our business at any given time, and Needspace? makes it easy to do that. Since moving here, we’ve developed a growing contract furniture manufacturing side to our business, working also as agents for three overseas companies supplying products to that market.  It’s good to have that flexibility as we pursue the different opportunities that have presented themselves to our business.”

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